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My name is Craig and I'm currently a senior illustration student at Ringling College of Art and Design. I am available for freelance work, just contact me at csmith1@c.ringling.edu

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Done in...Illustration! with Patrick Fiore
Book Cover for a story I made up that makes no sense
Color comp (left) in acryllic, Final (right) ink and digital
Employment Poster
What job is it advertising? Science! (alternately, biologist)
Editorial Illustration
For the article "The Great Illusion" by Paul Krugman
Final 3 illustrations

Graphic Novel

Here be some selections from my layouts and some of my final from the Graphic Novel class

"The Death of Captain Waskow" by Ernie Pyle

Photojournalist Comic
And 2 (of my favorite) pages from my final

Figya Paintin'

Paintings. Of figures! Oh my!

Oh, and a landscape

The updates are coming! The updates are coming!

Considering I haven't posted since May, and my junior year is now half over, I figure its kind of silly to be doing this now. But better late than never I suppose. So here comes the flood of stuff done from this past semester.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting of the oil variety

I've still got to photograph the rest of my paintings (that I like), considering they're all at least twice the size of the scanner in here. But I'll give you a preview with the most successful of my downtown paintings.

Illustrations and such

So here's the rest of my illustration projects starting with the Day in the Life (I know, I'm way behind)
medium: watercolor, ink

'Wish You were Here' Postcards from Antarctica
medium: acryllic

The Creature Project
medium: Gouache
(I'll leave it up to you to determine which 3 animals I combined ;] )

The Grimm Fairy Tales Illustration from the Story Iron Hans
(done on scratchboard [top] and then digitally colored [bottom])

A Master-Remake of a Caspar David Friedrich painting
done in oil rub and acryllic

more to come soon...

Long time no post...

So I'm aware that I'm a slacker in regard to this thing (especially when it comes to actually photographing/scanning my work), but I finally managed to get most of the rest of the stuff from sophomore year scanned. So prepare for a glut of updates over the next few weeks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Graphic Design

New Post! So, as is the case with everyone in Illustration right now, I've been working nonstop and haven't had much time to post new work. But I thought I'd start things off by posting my graphic design work. It's definitely been a different way of thinking for me, but I like how some of the things have turned out.-Illustrated Poster assignment for Pavement
-Type Poster in the style of Swiss Design
-Business Card design