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My name is Craig and I'm currently a senior illustration student at Ringling College of Art and Design. I am available for freelance work, just contact me at csmith1@c.ringling.edu

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Done in...Illustration! with Patrick Fiore
Book Cover for a story I made up that makes no sense
Color comp (left) in acryllic, Final (right) ink and digital
Employment Poster
What job is it advertising? Science! (alternately, biologist)
Editorial Illustration
For the article "The Great Illusion" by Paul Krugman
Final 3 illustrations

Graphic Novel

Here be some selections from my layouts and some of my final from the Graphic Novel class

"The Death of Captain Waskow" by Ernie Pyle

Photojournalist Comic
And 2 (of my favorite) pages from my final

Figya Paintin'

Paintings. Of figures! Oh my!

Oh, and a landscape

The updates are coming! The updates are coming!

Considering I haven't posted since May, and my junior year is now half over, I figure its kind of silly to be doing this now. But better late than never I suppose. So here comes the flood of stuff done from this past semester.